How Do I Anticipate Redistricting?

We eagerly await official word from NA’s School Department to know how the town’s elementary students will be redistricted. Since we “close” a school as of July 1st, 900 students are displaced as we now only have access to 5 schools. Per the last School Committee meeting, letters will be mailed to inform families of placement on June 19th.

This instance is the first time from my knowledge (I looked at Annual Reports from years 1961 through today) that we have redistricted without a plan already in motion for a new addition or a new school. As student enrollment shifts (note that we have 428 students in 8th grade and 391 students in 2nd grade this school year), we need to anticipate our space needs to ensure our quality of education isn’t diminished due to overcrowded classrooms.

While we wait for the news on where our students will be next year, we make the most of our end of year celebrations. Our children spend lots of time in school, so it is a home away from home for them. They are part of a school family.

How do I anticipate redistricting?

I see it as something comparable to an arranged marriage in that we have no say in our placement. The School Department decides what is best in ensuring each grade has similar class sizes across the district.

As someone who is active in the PTO, I envision a merging of traditions, as schools will have welcomed new members into its families for this upcoming school year. It will be important that everyone works together to assess lessons learned and recognize best practices to put forth the best opportunities for our students moving forward.

We’re all mentally preparing for a change. We can’t easily anticipate what’s ahead, and we don’t know what to expect. However, we lead by example for our children and ensure it is as happy an occasion as it can be while we settle into our new homes with new family members. Fortunately, our town has many amazing families and students and this situation enables us to form additional friendships while also keeping in touch with those who have left our school family to join other ones.

“It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” – Meister Eckhart