School Committee Meeting on May 6th

The School Committee Meeting was held on Wednesday, May 6th. The School Department is expected to suffer the highest amount of damage with the upcoming budget cuts. We’ve heard of the closing of an elementary school, as well as redistricting 900 of our elementary school students. Teachers have already received pink slips. The ELC has stated that tuition will rise in the fall. As parents it is so important that we stay informed.

Watch the meeting here:

Learn more by viewing the following discussions:

  • Early Learning Center tuition increase (00:10:45 to 00:20:27)
  • Public comments from Stacey Nassaney (00:27:27 to 00:33:39)
  • Supt. Cullen’s New Strategic Plan/New Vision (00:33:39 to 00:34:57)
  • Public comments from Nate Bonneau (00:35:19 to 00:40:14)
  • Allen Avenue School closure and percentages needed to preserve school (00:40:24)
  • Kevin O’Donnell, School Committee member (00:41:41 to 00:43:30)
  • Carol Wagner, School Committee member (00:43:37 to 00:44:35)
  • Public comments from Adam Scanlon (00:44:47 to 00:49:26)
  • FY2016 Budget update (00:49:39 to 00:52:27)
  • Jim McKenna, School Committee member (00:52:55 to 00:59:50)
  • Chip Poirier, School Committee Chairman (01:00:08 to 01:02:06)